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MSK+ proudly presents

Stuart M. McGill, PhD.

Building the Ultimate back

Date:  Postponed

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Exact location" TBA soon

16 hours
50 % lecture
50 % Practical

Global Objectives:

To update delegates on the most recent developments in clinical biomechanics of the lumbar spine - specifically how it works and how it becomes injured. This is to develop an evidence based foundation for clinical decision making.

To provide guidance in the application of this knowledge to the clinic, workplace, rehabilitation centre, and sports field to reduce the risk of injury, optimize healing of the patient, and build ultimate back performance in the athlete.

To give practice and technique development with workshops throughout the day.

Course Syllabus:

4 hours

Building the foundation: Dispel the myths about how the spine works and becomes injured. Anatomical, biomechanical and motor control perspectives are provided to setup the clinical approaches

2 hours

Interpreting patient presentation: Understand aberrant motion and motor patterns and possibilities for corrective exercise. Provocative tests and their mechanical basis provide guidance for optimal exercise design. Lecture and workshop

1 Hour

Preventing Back Disorders: No clinician can be successful without removing the cause of back troubles in patients. This section teaches delegates how to identify the causes and how to remove them. Lecture and workshop.

4.5 hours

Rehabilitation Exercise: Biomechanics and Clinical Practices - Many exercises prescribed to low back patients have not been subjected to scientific examination.  This component of the course attempts to quantify and rank exercises for their spine loading, muscle usage and stabilizing potential. Algorithms for choosing the best exercise approach for each individual are provided. Lecture and workshop

4.5 hours

Training for performance: Training the back for performance (either athletic or occupational) requires different approaches and objectives than training to fulfil rehabilitation objectives. Some of the techniques developed in our work with world class athletes will be introduced and discussed within the context of valid mechanisms and evidence. These include the progressions from establishing motor control patterns, through to stability, endurance, strength, power and agility. Formalization of some of the performance “tricks” including how to get through “sticking points”, and developing “superstiffness” will be done in lecture and practical sessions.

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